Bishop Eddie Long preached transgressions, adultery to his followers during Sunday services. Bishop Long states the obvious bible teachings about such behavior and how it doesn't coincide with God's will while making it a note that Christians should not look down upon the celebrity golfer for his indiscretions as all people make mistakes -- or experience a fall from grace.
He further stated, to Fox5, that he had forwarded a letter expressing his concern and his support and prayers to Woods during his tumultuous times and that true Christian followers should hold the marital down stricken golfer in their prayers in belief that his marriage can be in fact saved and his family can heal from the incident.
During this time in Tiger's life, I really don't doubt that he read the letter and found some religion as his wife could stand to amass up to half of his earning. Needless, mention, the fall from grace that he is experiencing has proven to be monetarily exponential. Woods has lost another endorsement, since his transgressions with multiple women, with Accenture. Nevertheless, Nike is still on his side for reasons unknown at this time.
Word to Tiger and to every man who is reading this post, don't let your inability to think rationally, in the face of temptation, all of a sudden make you find God.


JuJu said...

I'm surprised that Eddie Long still have members.

Yeah I Said It! said...

Tiger probably took that letter and threw it in the trash when he saw for himself who the sender was. He is not trying to hear anything coming out of a black man's mouth.

SoReal said...

^^ @ Yeah
If he wasn't around the day his dad died because he was laying up with a white woman at the time and only took a phone call telling him that his dad died, what makes Eddie Long think that a letter from him is going to get through. smdh

Just Des said...

@ Yeah: I don't think that he threw the letter in the trash can. I think that he may have read it in disbelief that he had A SUPPORTER from the black community which was practically at zero because of his obvious self hate issues.