Actor, singer and model, Tyrese Gibson may be tapped to play Teddy Pendergrass in a biopic of the legendary singer's life. As you may well know, Mr. Pendergrass has succumbed from his battle with Cancer this month.

The chocolate drop gave an impromptu performance of one of Pendergrass' greatest hits, 'Come Over To My Place', during his guest appearance on George Lopez's talk show. Who knew that comedian, Lopez, was a fan of Pendergrass? Shit, I didn't but that shows the universal appeal of music regardless of genre!

Can you see the Love's T.K.O singer in Gibson?


Miss Jones said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder did George Lopez get hard from Tyrese singing like some women get wet from hearing from him sing. jk

mybestfriendsaid said...

Can you see the Love's T.K.O singer in Gibson?
Anything is possible. I remember when Usher played Marvin Gaye on American Dreams a few years ago. If Tyrese plays Teddy Pendergrass in a movie on his life, it will be based on his singing ability and his ability to dance if they go as far back as his Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes days. He may fair well with the role because he can follow choreography. I remember the tribute performance on BET for the O'Jays. Just put some hair on his head and a beard and let him do his thing! It will be more about feel than the look.

Just Des said...

damn, cosigning again with mybestfriendsaid

TriniDiva said...

I think that he could play Teddy Pendergrass but his voice isn't strong enough to catch Teddy's vibe. If anyone should sing a Teddy Pendergrass song besides Teddy himself, it should be Jaheim. He sounds more like Teddy as Teddy himself. Maybe they should use Tyrese for physical presence but Jaheim to sing the songs. For those of you who don't know who Jaheim is, google his name with the song Could IT Be for a sample.