Feb 24, 2010

Rapper Turned Thespian

Mandingo looking rapper, 50 cent is really taking acting seriously!

Rap's chocolate hulk is going to shed damn near 100 pounds *about 60 to be exact*  for his role as a college football player in Mario Van Peebles' upcoming movie, 'Things Fall Apart'.

Although I commend his ass on doing something that he obviously enjoys but one has to wonder what toll that dropping a tremendous amount of weight in a short amount of time only to pick it up a short time later has on man's body -- that shit CANNOT be healthy....especially if he does it often. As you know, this ISN'T 50 cent's first time going from bulk to bony for a role.



Anonymous said...

He does not look good skinny but I guess if the money is right.

Anonymous said...

lol mandingo looking rapper.

eklektik said...

Speaking as a dietitian, it is not healthy to lose a large amount of weight and gain it back rapidly. I think that he may be using a drug called HGH to pick up his build as fast as he does after losing weight for movies. He looks like a crackhead when he is slim.

Anonymous said...

He might as well take acting seriously because he sure isn't selling records.

Wa-MeSey said...

The weight loss is a part of that whole hollywood scene. He looks like a boggle head when he slims down. On this whole acting thing, he cannot be any worse than he has been... there is only room for growth.