Mar 10, 2010

Side Eye Approved!

There comes a time in every man's life where he must give the side eye to the bullshit that those around him, let alone afar, must present to him as 'the social gospel' to cover up an issue, problem, etc on the home front *or some damn place*.

Singer, Jennifer Hudson, commented on the joys of motherhood as well as the progress of her now seven month old son, David Ortunga II and how he enjoys the family pets *dogs by the way* and even mimics them. Was it really necessary to mention the mimic part?

Ms. Hudson gets the side eye for not being privy to the very fucking fact that her statement possibly translates into her son barks, wags his tail and roll about the floor as if his name is Spot. Some things you keep to your fucking self J-Hud.

Since people are still buzzing over the Oscars, I would like to point this out. Actor, Ryan Reynolds showed up to the red carpet and ceremony alone -- without lovely wife and actress, Scarlett Johansson. When the A-list actor was asked about her whereabouts he stated "she is in New York working on Broadway...she's doing a show there. The lights on Broadway stages never go out for anything or anyone".

Mr Reynolds gets the side eye if either he or anyone in the know believes that shit of an excuse he had rehearsed for a few hours. His wife was working alright. That is if you consider hanging out or literally fucking around with Guns and Roses front man, singer, Axl Rose, during her stay in New York at the time of the Oscars, one of, if not THE MOST prestigious award platforms for thespians and directors alike.

Could the actor be alluding to problems in the marriage? Eh, could be as many already say that that is practically a damn wrap. Although I don't condone infidelity, if you are going to commit it, do it right and do it well. Don't ever drop the fucking ball in caliber by dealing with someone who can't hold a damn candle to your spouse in physical attraction, contribution and whatever the hell else that can come to mind.

I bet singer, Alanis Morrissette is somewhere laughing her ass off. Really, Scarlett? Axl Rose?! I have to shake my head on that one.



Spencer4Hire said...

I know that I'm late on this one but it was a rather interesting read.