Mar 6, 2010

The Weekend Round Up

Normally, I don't update over the course of the weekend but white people have been JUICILY motherfucking busy! Do you hear me?! So lets espouse on some of their come ups to fuck ups for the weekend round up, shall we?

Oh hell yeah! Team Kate all the damn way! Kate Gosslin is definitely on the come up since she dropped her dead weight man CHILD ex husband, John. She has improved with not only a new look but a new attitude to go along with it. Why isn't she looking so stressed anymore, you ask? The former Mrs. Gosslin learned to let shit go to pursue other endeavors that will pay off well. For example, a new show and much more media attention than what John could ever fucking dream of.

Also, Kate will be on this season's Dancing With The Stars. The mother of eight stated, during an interview, that she plans on keeping her ensemble very classy rather than provocatively revealing for the show out of respect for the fact that she has kids. HELLO, paging Pamela Anderson -- for starters.

Since everyone in Hollywood is speculating who the hell actor, Gerard Butler, will have on his arm for the Oscars this Sunday night, we do know that Queen Latifah aka Dana Owens will be one of the presenters. Be on the lookout for her life partner, celebrity fitness trainer, Jennette.

In a case of 'good luck with that', NFL athlete, Big Ben Roethlisberger, has decided to file a damn lawsuit against the Nevada woman who accused him of rape/sexual assault  in 2008. Why I say good luck with that, you ask? Well, shit, the motherfucker has just been accused and currently facing charges of committing the same damn crime as of late in Milledgeville, Georgia.

For those of you who don't know, Milledgeville is a small town just east of Macon, Georgia. By the way, Roethlisberger has a home in the sleepy town and is therefore a part time resident there in the off season. Did you know that? My ass didn't either.

Speaking of off season, somebody pass this motherfucker a note!

Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo plays recreational soccer during the same time and the Cowboys don't give a fuck although they are in a damn near $100M agreement with his ass. Why, you ask? The team is a shit and a handshake away at being tired of him and may be looking for a way to get rid of his ass ANYWAY! Can someone say, hire a seething with envy player *on the opposite rec team, for example* to severely break one of Romo's legs to get him officially removed from the Cowboys team?

C'mon, Romo, get a fucking clue! You bust a leg, under any circumstance, engaging in your past time, your pro football career stand a high chance of  being over.

Former Playboy playmate, Kendra Wilkins, was subtle in letting the damn cat out the bag on her happiness as the wife of NFL athlete, Hank Baskett and mother of his child. In short, the broad was doing her own damage control by feigning happiness which she alluded to by saying that she has been fairly depressed since giving birth and really haven't been taking care of herself as she has been giving the media the impression she has. For example, Wilkins has admitted that she is no longer hygenically inclined as she once was prior to the marriage and child and a lot of people are speculating, due to her actions, that she is no longer thrilled by her choice in mate as shit is no longer quite how she would have expected.

The reason being, you ask? Again, simply put, without honing in on the speculation or impression that the former bunny now feels as if she did marry the 'wrong black man',  she may have come to the realization that she was marrying as a bargain that obviously backfired -- fuck the love and the convenience considering that she didn't think that she would ever have to trade the 'fun in the sun' atmosphere totally to have her ass end up in Indianapolis. Hell, Philly sufficed -- at least according to her. Talk about getting what you thought you wanted only to find out that it really wasn't *smdh*.

This conclude the weekend round up.



Anonymous said...

Big Ben has a problem. There is nothing normal about being accused of rape more than once. I'm convinced that he did it on more than several occasions. It is just that some women were probably bribed or were to embarrassed to come forward and report him because of his status. This guy has a real sexual problem.

Chinita said...

Kate looks like she had cosmetic surgery to go along with the weave. I think that Kendra is just going through post partem depression.

Meoshi said...

Tony Romo has the game screwed up for real. Man I swear! Screwed priorities indeed.