Aside from being on the FCC's bad side, for the time being, singer, Adam Lambert, feels he must be doing something right.......if rap artist, Eminem can find the time to release a track in his 'honor'.
Eminem has released a track that subliminally addresses Lambert's antics before it builds into an anti-gay tirade fueled with slurs and the infamous 'F' bomb in regards to the singer's sexuality.
Lambert takes to Twitter to discuss with his (remaining) followers. I guess in addition to Twitter being an instrument for man to practice his vanity, it is also therapeutic because Lambert went into full dialog with followers in regards to Eminem paying homage.
Word to Eminem, you may want to follow the prioritorial advice given to Rihanna as it does apply. Make certain that you have your ducks in order prior to going on a one man 'seek and destroy' mission against someone especially since you, of all rap artists, have been touted as being homosexual yourself -- an undercover homosexual at that;the worst kind.


Anonymous said...

he still look like a gay version of Elvis Presley to me. Em needs to stop his mess and find another hobby because he is too old for this bullshit.

In Them Genes said...

Eminem is in no position to be putting nobody's orientation on blast. Everyone knows that all rappers have that take it in the ass initiation to get their music out there. Anyway, Grandma always told me that the ones who hollar the most ridicule or objection about anything is a major part of what they are making fun of. Here's to you Em!

I Am Kayser SoSay said...

^^Undercover gays always attack the out and proud. Damn shame but true.