Wrestler/Actor/Reality Star, Hulk Hogan is getting ready to marry his girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel, of two years. There is no date set for the pending nuptials.

I hope that The Hulkster is prepared for this considering that he was just suicidal roughly 2 months ago. Lo and behold, his saving grace in Leila Ali. Where was his girlfriend?

Word to men reading this, question why you are really with a particular woman;especially if she bares a striking resemblance to your daughter let alone the one that you have severed ties from -- especially is she not at all supportive or made herself unavailable during your time of change and crisis.

If you don't, you may be setting yourself up for the same emotional upheaval that you left behind; aside from what people may view as a subliminally warped fantasy you may have about your own offspring. Sometimes, matrimony gone bad is like history, it should not given the opportunity to repeat itself.


Ju Ju said...

So basically Hogan is fucking his daughter without fucking his daughter at all.