Adam Lambert must have been getting served or serving someone at the time the FCC swung their ax on Janet Jackson during her Superbowl half time performance because for the life of me, I don't understand how he didn't think that that the FCC powers that be wouldn't coming swinging the very same ax at him. Interestingly enough, Lambert didn't think that he was doing anything wrong in the name entertainment. He was just having fun -- a good time and that his musicians, dancers enjoyed his Sodom and Gammorah style fiasco of a performance at the AMAs just as much as he did. Unfortunately, the keyboardist, proclaiming heterosexuality, refutes the claim by stating that he didn't welcome the kiss that the singer planted on him. Wonder what the guy thought who had his face forced in his crotch?
Either way, Lambert is feeling the wrath of the powers that be because a lot of his bookings had been canceled and perhaps with just cause.
Word to Lambert, just because a large majority of entertainment is owned by fellow homosexuals, who just so racially readily identify the same as you, doesn't mean that you flaunt your past time for all to see in hopes for them to give you the Elton John pass to the good life. You are simply too new to the game to be pulling an antic like this so early on. Leave it to the veterans or at least be open to their coaching you to properly shock the masses.


Sweet Dreams said...

That's that word right there. Know the game before you play it. Somebody should have told him.

Anonymous said...

He looks like a gay version of Elvis Presley. He so damn puuuurrrrdy.

Calisto said...

He does look like a gay version of Elvis. He should have known better though.