Chris Brown finally had a platform, podium, etc, courtesy of 20/20, to voice his relationship with singer, Rihanna. There were  things that I had taken away from his interview: the abuse in their relationship was in fact a two way street but because Brown was the stronger vessel in the union, he was indeed vilified by the media -- even if he could have been in situations that would cause him to protect himself from Rihanna in matters in which she would have been the aggressor. In addition, Rihanna is in fact a liar who got caught up in her deceit while throwing Brown under the bus in her interviews.
Listen to video, around 5:50, where he calls her out about a song he had written and played for her -- and yet she vehemently denied during her inteverview that honed in on Brown being practically 'soulless'.

Word to Rihanna and every woman reading this, make certain that you have your ducks in order before you engage in a 'seek and destroy' mission because what you say and do may come and bite you, professionally if not personally, in the ass in due time. All music store's $0.99 CD bin anyone?


Anonymous said...

soooooo, her new CD is in the $1.00 bin? well, that is proof that God don't like ugly but then again, she did sell out to the devil but evidently to no avail. best of luck to Chris tho!