R&B singer, Tank, is putting all matters resulting on the birth of his son squarely on the shoulders of the woman he has the child by. He airs out his resentment, on Twitter, by stating that he does not see his son as a mistake unlike the woman from which the child was sired; presumably during a 'drunken night of passion'.
Word to all men reading this, do not place the circumstances of how your child(ren) came to be on being under the influence of drugs/alcohol, peer pressure, temporary wanton desire, etc as your sole lack of judgment in the women you choose to lie down with without the use of a condom -- which is, according to the Surgeon General, 98 - 100% effective upon wearing correctly. Every woman you opt to lie down with has a sure chance of getting up pregnant. Think about it and act accordingly.


Calisto said...

I can't stand this sad sing ass nigga! Ugh!