An Asian student who attends Georgia Tech was stabbed on his walk back to his campus residency on Williams Street. The victim had decided to take a shortcut along 8th Street where he said he was attacked by a black man who was sitting along the curb in a grassy area. Fortunately, the victim's wound(s) was not life threatening. This is not the first time that an accident like this has happened at this university let alone surrounding universities in the Greater Atlanta area.
Here is how FOX 5 reports it.

Sometimes, I wonder why such incidences don't happen at Emory University. Is it the location? or is it that the school has tight security as part of its priority to insure student and personnel safety while attending or providing education and training? -- which brings me back to what I had stated during my covering of the Amanda Knox case. In case you missed it, Amanda Knox has been convicted for the murder of her college room mate and sentenced to 26 years to life in an Italian prison.
I say that to say this......yet again -- no parent sends his child(ren) to a university/college to be accosted, to have his life endangered or to face an early demise at the hands of another. All higher learning institutions should make it paramount to have A-1 security on their premises at all time to protect the enrolled as much as their workforce. Stop looking at students as quota per semester by providing them with pipe dreams of academic grandeur to entice them into your programs while giving no regard to their well being.


Anonymous said...

I live in Atlanta and this is fucking sad.

I Don't Care Who Knows said...

I come from Atlanta also and this is sad. I feel that all schools should have good security or fined for not having it.