Kasim Reed won the mayoral race in Atlanta, Georgia. Supposedly, not all were too pleased about the win -- which includes Mary Norwood. A lot of people place his win squarely on the backs of African American celebrities. However, I beg to differ simply because of the support that he was getting from the likes of Roy Barnes which made Reed's win iron clad. Probable beef between Barnes and Norwood's camp? Possibly but lets hope that the new mayor make moves to clean Atlanta of its current status, i.e image -- meaning,  a city of obvious financial ruin in addition to being the headquarters for homosexual or undercover gay men, poorly constructed streets, minimum law enforcement officers in the efforts to reduce the influx of crime, few employment opportunities aside from scams and impoverished living quarters for most of its residences rather than his elementary plans for building playgrounds per community.


Sweet Dreams said...

Uhm, I'm from The A and I do believe that this is a problem in every city right now but I do get where you are going with this post LMBAO!
How do I turn the music down? Don't get me wrong, I like the music but how do I turn it down?

Calisto said...

I don't know where the post is really going but he does have low priorities if he is focusing on building playgrounds. I've been to Atlanta and that city is in need of major help. I thought Melbourne,Florida was bad.

Anonymous said...

@ Sweet Dreams - just turn down the sound on your computer or press the icon that the music is coming from.
I still want to move to Atlanta even if it is a city that wreaks of pure hot mess. But yeah, the new mayor may really want to think big if he is really going to make any improvements for the city 'that was'.