R&B artist, R. Kelly has a book, an autobiography, coming out soon detailing his life. The autobiography is said to detail his childhood, bouts with literacy, love of music and his contributions to the art.
Unfortunately, there is no word on how much it will, if at all, detail his romances, including the one purportedly with Aaliyah let alone the sex trysts/scandals involving underage females -- the juicy stuff.

When the artist was questioned about his take on,somewhat of a newcomer,Trey Songz inferences to dismantling his career or position as 'The Man' in R&B music, Kelly stated "I'm an elephant and elephants don't swat at flies". DAMN!

Word to Trey Songz, and all artists with the burning desire to go head to head with a bonified industry veteran, do not resort to this antic so early on because you will be left with no leg to stand on. You have to crawl before you can walk let alone run. Know your position and cultivate it to the fullest before placing attacks on the more evolved in your field. Besides, you may be calling this man to produce a song for you. Future biting of the hand that feed you on another level much?


The Black Berry said...

Every time an artist's record don't do well they go trying to peddle a book or clothing line.

Anonymous said...

^^LMAO True * 3

Ju Ju said...

Trey Songz trying to step to Kellz is like coming to a gun fight with a butter knife. Killing yo self son!