One of Tiger Wood's many sexual conquest, Rachel Uchitel, pictured in center, sets the record straight by stating that she is not a hooker -- never was and never would be.

Upon being asked her occupation, she says that she is an Club Valet/Promoter .....and an upscale one at that. However, she does state that she is often providing tours, by functioning as an escort, for the wealthy men who are looking to be entertained by being shown the hottest spots in town. This ranges from clubs, restaurants, hotels, etc in which she is compensated handsomely for her services.

She also includes that some of her clients fly her into their zip codes for time to time visits and occassionally gift in her shopping trips in addition to compensating her services for her services. Word to Ms. Uchitel, have your lie together. Try not to talk much as you would only expose yourself for what you really are.


The Black Berry said...

She is not a hooker but a certified prostitute. There! Is that better Rachel?

Ju Ju said...

A ho is a ho regardless of how it is dressed up!

I Don't Care Who Knows said...

Rachel is a sophisticated slut.