The very emotional NFLer, Terrell Owens and actress, Nia Long were looking somewhat cozy at his birthday party in New York.

Perhaps this is just a picture -- a friendly picture between friends because Owens sitting this close to an obvious black woman otherwise is practically unheard of; aside from model, Jessica 'google me' White.

Is this a trend for some black pro athletes to adhere to when they are practically 'washed up' or categorized as 'tired'? You know, turn to black women when they are no longer deemed desirable by non black women. If so, Ms. Long could do better but then again, I hear she like the athletes so Mr. Owens is no exception but I would suggest that she keep that fishing line in the sea because when he starts modeling for the WilHELLmena Agency, the romance may as well be over.


The Black Berry said...

If they are together, there is nothing worst than a black woman settling for a white woman's used goods. Nia could do better than Terrell then.

Ju Ju said...

^^ You must be a black woman