Since the fiasco surrounding Tiger Woods and a plethora of women, he has had many of his endorsements stripped of him. Gatorade and Gillette being two thus far. In addition, he may not be in the next tournament.

Word to Woods, and any man, of a minority background, reading this in an interracial marriage involving a white woman, white people are nothing to toy with when you hurt one of their own. They will make a primary example out of you until they have you officially boxed in with nowhere to turn or no one to turn to.

It is really about not giving the money that they gave you back to your own initially and is the very reason why they have you surrounded by their own with a free pass to their women because of the wealth that they provide you on your talent which ultimately works for them. In other words, they give it to you in the design that it will stay in their race by incorporating their women to marry up with you and even procreate with you. So, when you think that you are having that 'I am the man' moment, give that some real thought and try not straying so far from or demeaning the women and men that represent you because there may be no turning to them when the shit hits the fan and splatter all over the ceiling.


The Black Berry said...

The pic alone was funny.

Anonymous said...

This post is the damn truth.

I Don't Care Who Knows said...

I have no rebuttal for this one. It is too on point for words and I'm a dude. A black dude at that.