Evander 'The Real Deal' *lmao* Holyfield is returning to the ring this month for a World Boxing Federation title in UGANDA -- not the United States but U fucking Ganda.  The 47 year old will be squaring off with ex heavy weight champ, Francois Botha January 16, 2010.

Holyfield, with his piped damn dreams of grandeur, says that he believes that he has a shot at a more prestigious title should he win. That way, he can achieve his goal of RETIRING as a heavy weight champion.

Who the hell this old head thinking he is fooling? This sap sucking motherfucker who loves playing the 'God card' has major bills -- including child support for several of his younger seeds throughout the great state of Georgia that he must make good on or be placed on Clayton County lock up if he doesn't. His penchant to squander wealth is well documented and has now came back to bite him squarely on the ass in the form of liens, law suits and other legalities that could send him away for a long long time.

To those of you who love to flaunt or floss, pay attention to Holyfield's situation because it could soon as well be you -- Floyd Mayweather.


Anonymous said...

He really needs to sit his old ass down somewhere.

The Black Berry said...

I really wish he would sit down somewhere too but he really can't afford to do it because of his financial responsibilities. I bet he wish he could turn back the hands of time and did some things differently when it comes down to money management. It is not really all his fault because he was young and foolish and thought that he was with people who had his best interest at heart until they showed him their motives was all about how much money they were all about getting out of him and this include Creflo Dollar who I know he he ad to have supported.