Mar 10, 2010

Busted Doing 'The 69'

This is the type of shit that no one can make up but all I can fucking say is that these two dumb asses literally brought this on themselves *smdh*.

Corporal William Murphy, a cop, while on patrol early Sunday morning at a mall in Orangeburg, South Carolina, noticed a parked Chevy conversion van rocking. When he shined a light though the vehicle's back window, he spotted Shanna Byrd, 30, and Ronald Braxton, 32, in the 'altogether'; meaning in 'The 69' position as reported in the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety Report in which Byrd and Braxton had their faces in one each other's groin area for simultaneous oral sex. Evidently these two did not respond after being bathed in 15 seconds of portable police spotlight, Corporal Murphy started knocking; which did not please Braxton, who uncoupled from Byrd.

Murphy identified himself only to be accosted by Braxton  who refused to open the door to be arrested for participating in the sex act, in public, with Byrd. However, they were both arrested upon having a post-coital cigarette as a standoff protesting their arrest in engaging in what comes naturally to SOME men and women *considering that NOT all women like to suck dick no more than SOME men like to eat pussy*.

The interesting thing about it is not only would they have not been arrested if they had have done this shit in the privacy of their home or at a local lodge but if only they had kept still rather than bucking to the sucking and licking like wild banshees in a parked van underneath a light pole, their asses may have gone undetected.

Sex, of any kind, should be restricted to privacy between consensual parties. No one, aside from a damn pervert, wants to see people fucking in any public arena no more than they would walking in on it purely by motherfucking accident. How embarrassing! Speaking of embarrassing, I am doubly sure that there is nothing worst to be arrested for -- or is there?