........then this confused motherfucker would be a devout follower. Offer him the poisonous kool - aid in the name of the late legendary singer and watch him fucking drink *smh*. Take a look at the clip *assuming that you can handle the fuckacity that also includes the light skin vs dark skin beauty debate (lower site intro music by clicking pause on its music link)*.

Celebrities usually don't know most of us from the six damn days from Sunday; it is wise for those who are into celebrity worship to be able to decipher reality from all that is not. There is nothing wrong with admiring a celebrity for his accomplishments or talent *assuming that he/she really has it* but there is something really wrong with obsessing over that celebrity for his/her accolades. With that in mind, aside from being an inspiration to do better for one's self, no celebrity's accolades really translate as a benefit to a fan/follower. What say you?