Mar 3, 2010

Ho Tactics 101

Rapper, Trina has very racy images of her leaked on the world wide web. The female rapper, dubbed as 'The Baddest Bitch', purportedly lost her damn cellular phone and was seeking frantically to recover it -- but to no avail.

Could she be pulling a Willie from Day 26? You know he was reported as experiencing a similar incident while sending reveal all photos of his ass to his wife via e-mail.

You decide should you click  here  to see for yourself...but I must warn you, it may not be safe for work but it may put those HIV/AIDS rumors to rest.

A little advice, if you truly value your privacy, as well as those you interact with on any level, either don't take provocative motherfucking pictures of yourself let alone other parties wittingly/unwittingly involved or register a damn pass code on your cellular phone should it come up missing, lost, or stolen because anything you have on it may be used against you for personal gain if not to regally destroy your ass in addition to those included in your shenanigans.

In other ho ass news, For The Love of Ray - J contestant, Caviar is indeed what she denied several times over on the show while vying for Ray - J's affections on the show -- a prostitute....and a motherfucking cheap one at that!

To check her out and see her going rates, click here
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When will motherfuckers learn that whatever is done in the damn dark will sure has hell come to light? Stop with the games and just owe up to your shit and keep it pushing *GEEZ*.



Anonymous said...

That is why I don't take sexy pictures but I will accept them being sent to me. I had a figure that Caviar was prostituting regardless of how she was fronting on the show.

The Black Berry said...

I had to stop at Trina's vagina shot. Nasty!
As far as Caviar, I expected nothing better and I cosign with Anonymous 8:55am

midge said...

well damn!

Anonymous said...

OMG, why does Caviar reminds me of Melissa Ford in that pic?

Just Des said...

Being on the Love of Ray-J just gave her the free press that she was really looking for. I wouldn't doubt that she has all kinds of mileage on her body on free press alone from the show alone.