Actress, Halle Berry, will be on The Tyra Banks Show today dispelling selected lies and rumors told about her ass over the course of her career in addition to perpetuating a few of her own.

So, if any of you are expecting her to discuss allegations of how she fucked her way to the top as well as  for an Oscar, you will be gravely disappointed with today's show.

Singer and tried to be an actress, Mariah Carey, is letting it be known for the 50-11th motherfucking time that she is not pregnant! She is just dealing with the old age spread that creeps up on a lot of women. That is all.

So much for that talk about her husband, Nick Cannon tearing that pussy up, huh?

As you may know,Rapper, J-Kwon,  better known for the song, 'Everybody Get Tipsy', had been reported missing by MTO aka last week and may be the victim of foul play. In other words, the young rapper was insinuated to be dead.

Well, unless the dead can  now pick up the phone and make motherfucking phone calls to studios and record execs, the rapper is alive and well. He just needed some time to form ideas to contribute towards his next album project.

Being AWOL for a few days a publicity stunt? Eh, could be although stupid as hell should it have backfired as a promotional tool. Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez, anyone?



Anonymous said...

HA I'm going to watch Tyra in a few.

Panther said...

I saw Tyra's show today and I swear that Tyra likes women and Halle is no exception. How is it that a woman going to fix her mouth to ask another woman to spray perfume between her legs? Tyra, Tyrea, Tyra...smh