Actor, John Stamos, of television show, Full House fame,  is the latest celebrity to be the victim of extortion. Stamos is said to have pictures of him from a party roughly 5 years which may harm him, in credibility/reputation, if they ever were leaked to the public.
The two man extortion team, comprised of Allison Coss and Scott Sippola, demanded approximately $700,000 to have the damaging pictures secured by the actor.
To their extortionists' dismay, he decided to be proactive in bringing the matter to a close by getting the authorities involved.
Upon a successful arrest of the two who planned the scheme, Stamos goes on to state that the pictures in question were of him posing with various fans during a party in Florida at the time.
Interesting how he makes the pictures seem absolutely harmless in comparison to the extortionists.
Word to Stamos and others reading this, be weary of the pictures you have taken of you.
Refrain from taking provocative pictures or those that depict you in compromising scenarios, as those the extortionists alluded to, as one day, those very pictures may bite you in the ass as far as being a tool used against you for monetary manipulation, public humiliation/embarrassment etc.


Just Des said...

He probably had taken some naked pics with people. Some probably were men that had him in compromising positions. Other than that, there is nothing damaging or harmful to his credibility and he would not have called the cops to make an arrest in his case if they were "just pictures" he had taken with fans.

Anonymous said...

he took some naked pictures willingly out of trust and wanted them back or was doing some freaky shit with "the fans" that he thought wouldn't get out but would have if the extortion group had shut up about it and put the pictures out on the INTERNET. Who he think he is fooling with just some pictures he took with fans while in Florida. yeah, right. I bet his sexy ass was sweating something fierce until he got those pictures lol

Chinita said...

OT: I never noticed how sexy John is until I saw this picture of him.
BTT:He must have taken some nasty pictures with a groupie. I bet a video of him is surfing around somewhere.