Mar 10, 2010

Side Eye Approved!

There comes a time in every man's life where he must give the side eye to the bullshit that those around him, let alone afar, must present to him as 'the social gospel' to cover up an issue, problem, etc on the home front *or some damn place*.

Singer, Jennifer Hudson, commented on the joys of motherhood as well as the progress of her now seven month old son, David Ortunga II and how he enjoys the family pets *dogs by the way* and even mimics them. Was it really necessary to mention the mimic part?

Ms. Hudson gets the side eye for not being privy to the very fucking fact that her statement possibly translates into her son barks, wags his tail and roll about the floor as if his name is Spot. Some things you keep to your fucking self J-Hud.

Since people are still buzzing over the Oscars, I would like to point this out. Actor, Ryan Reynolds showed up to the red carpet and ceremony alone -- without lovely wife and actress, Scarlett Johansson. When the A-list actor was asked about her whereabouts he stated "she is in New York working on Broadway...she's doing a show there. The lights on Broadway stages never go out for anything or anyone".

Mr Reynolds gets the side eye if either he or anyone in the know believes that shit of an excuse he had rehearsed for a few hours. His wife was working alright. That is if you consider hanging out or literally fucking around with Guns and Roses front man, singer, Axl Rose, during her stay in New York at the time of the Oscars, one of, if not THE MOST prestigious award platforms for thespians and directors alike.

Could the actor be alluding to problems in the marriage? Eh, could be as many already say that that is practically a damn wrap. Although I don't condone infidelity, if you are going to commit it, do it right and do it well. Don't ever drop the fucking ball in caliber by dealing with someone who can't hold a damn candle to your spouse in physical attraction, contribution and whatever the hell else that can come to mind.

I bet singer, Alanis Morrissette is somewhere laughing her ass off. Really, Scarlett? Axl Rose?! I have to shake my head on that one.


Since he has finally come to terms with the fact that his ass is too old to still be getting in the ring, Wrestler, Hulk Hogan, is pitching a new reality show to VH-1! The show may be entitled 'The Next Hulk Hogan' in which he sets out to find the next big thing that ever hit the professional wrestling circuit.

If you are one who believes that it is about fucking time that he pass the torch, I couldn't agree with you more. As a matter of fact, the time is long past due for him to hand over the yellow velcro shirts to some young man who has dreams of becoming a household name in professional wrestling/wrestling entertainment industry -- too bad it won't be to his fragile and injury prone son.

Speaking of young man/men with dreams of becoming a household name in professional wrestling, WWE chairman, Vince McMahon's show, NXT, is doing very well as a reality show focusing on the very same thing as Hulk's potentially pending project. I have to ask, do you think that singer, Jennifer Hudson's fiance', David Ortunga, will win on the merit of being associated with the singer alone?


What in the ghetto 'Kung Fu Panda' hell is this fashion fuckacity? Sad thing about it is the very notion that this motherfucker more than likely thinks he looks 'fresh'.


This is the type of shit that no one can make up but all I can fucking say is that these two dumb asses literally brought this on themselves *smdh*.

Corporal William Murphy, a cop, while on patrol early Sunday morning at a mall in Orangeburg, South Carolina, noticed a parked Chevy conversion van rocking. When he shined a light though the vehicle's back window, he spotted Shanna Byrd, 30, and Ronald Braxton, 32, in the 'altogether'; meaning in 'The 69' position as reported in the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety Report in which Byrd and Braxton had their faces in one each other's groin area for simultaneous oral sex. Evidently these two did not respond after being bathed in 15 seconds of portable police spotlight, Corporal Murphy started knocking; which did not please Braxton, who uncoupled from Byrd.

Murphy identified himself only to be accosted by Braxton  who refused to open the door to be arrested for participating in the sex act, in public, with Byrd. However, they were both arrested upon having a post-coital cigarette as a standoff protesting their arrest in engaging in what comes naturally to SOME men and women *considering that NOT all women like to suck dick no more than SOME men like to eat pussy*.

The interesting thing about it is not only would they have not been arrested if they had have done this shit in the privacy of their home or at a local lodge but if only they had kept still rather than bucking to the sucking and licking like wild banshees in a parked van underneath a light pole, their asses may have gone undetected.

Sex, of any kind, should be restricted to privacy between consensual parties. No one, aside from a damn pervert, wants to see people fucking in any public arena no more than they would walking in on it purely by motherfucking accident. How embarrassing! Speaking of embarrassing, I am doubly sure that there is nothing worst to be arrested for -- or is there?


........then this confused motherfucker would be a devout follower. Offer him the poisonous kool - aid in the name of the late legendary singer and watch him fucking drink *smh*. Take a look at the clip *assuming that you can handle the fuckacity that also includes the light skin vs dark skin beauty debate (lower site intro music by clicking pause on its music link)*.

Celebrities usually don't know most of us from the six damn days from Sunday; it is wise for those who are into celebrity worship to be able to decipher reality from all that is not. There is nothing wrong with admiring a celebrity for his accomplishments or talent *assuming that he/she really has it* but there is something really wrong with obsessing over that celebrity for his/her accolades. With that in mind, aside from being an inspiration to do better for one's self, no celebrity's accolades really translate as a benefit to a fan/follower. What say you?

Actress, Halle Berry, will be on The Tyra Banks Show today dispelling selected lies and rumors told about her ass over the course of her career in addition to perpetuating a few of her own.

So, if any of you are expecting her to discuss allegations of how she fucked her way to the top as well as  for an Oscar, you will be gravely disappointed with today's show.

Singer and tried to be an actress, Mariah Carey, is letting it be known for the 50-11th motherfucking time that she is not pregnant! She is just dealing with the old age spread that creeps up on a lot of women. That is all.

So much for that talk about her husband, Nick Cannon tearing that pussy up, huh?

As you may know,Rapper, J-Kwon,  better known for the song, 'Everybody Get Tipsy', had been reported missing by MTO aka last week and may be the victim of foul play. In other words, the young rapper was insinuated to be dead.

Well, unless the dead can  now pick up the phone and make motherfucking phone calls to studios and record execs, the rapper is alive and well. He just needed some time to form ideas to contribute towards his next album project.

Being AWOL for a few days a publicity stunt? Eh, could be although stupid as hell should it have backfired as a promotional tool. Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez, anyone?


Why the hell can't rappers, of a certain age, just bow out fucking gracefully is sure as hell beyond me.

However, this is testament that no matter how far DOWN a man's balls drops, he still has something that he wants to motherfucking prove to the masses, peers and to anyone who will just STILL give his ass the time of day!
With that in mind, I present to you the following:

Rapper, Ice Cube has a music project in the works entitled 'I Am The West'. Cube, known for his gritty, in your motherfucking face rap lyrics detailing west coast living and  political views, will be working with super producer/former fellow NWA band mate, Dr.Dre.

One thing for certain, it is damn good to know that these two old heads in the game finally put aside their differences for a common goal; to get in the studio and do what they love most -- making music.

Speaking of old heads, rapper Snoop Dogg is trying his hand at comedy!

Yes, old man Snoopy is getting ready to try his hand at being a funny man aside from being once as gritty as O'Shay Cube. His ass will be teaming up with comedian, Mike Epps for tour dates.

Don't be surprised if the two have a movie in the works and lets fucking hope for their sake that it would have better reviews than 'The Wash'.


Please keep in mind that this is a random thought that is in the 'what the fuck' category. Feel free to weigh in as I am always looking for other views on all things discussed. Here we go.....

I have got to ask: why in the fucking hell some people who receive government assistance -- particularly food stamps, negotiate their damn stomachs and possibly their children for the latest fashion? Is it really okay to give their assistance to someone for a cash payout in order for them to stay fashion forward? Is it fair to assess that  their mentality is to go hungry, subject themselves to hunger pains for the sake of looking good or 'dapper don fucking fresh' at any and all cost?